Innerstand Mastermind Immersion

A Bespoke Journey of Team Transformation

Innerstand™ Mastermind Immersion is not a one-size-fits-all program. Tailored specifically for high-level high performing teams within corporate companies, this immersive experience is designed to cater to the unique dynamics of each team. The Immersion program include:

Leadership Circle Profile™ Assessment

Leveraging the Leadership Circle Profile™ assessment tool, we employ precise, data-driven insights to analyze and identify specific areas for improvement tailored to each executive team member's leadership style. This rigorous approach supports individual development and lays the groundwork for transforming our clients into Innerstand™ leaders.

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Organizational Integration

One of the most important aspects of Innerstand™ Mastermind Immersion involves embedding the learnings directly into the client's daily operations—ranging from onboarding processes, one-on-one meetings, interviews, to performance evaluations. While some clients may necessitate a comprehensive organizational overhaul, many find that micro-adjustments can yield significantly immediate and impactful results. We collaborate with our clients to implement these micro-integrations, facilitating the development of new habits and mindsets. This tailored approach ensures that the transformational leadership principles are not just theoretical concepts but are actively practiced, leading to sustainable change and enhanced organizational performance.

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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching enables us to forge a close partnership with the executive team, tracking their personal growth and observing how they conduct themselves in daily operations. This close collaboration focuses on the executives' ability to influence their teams, adopt new language patterns, and cultivate an environment that nurtures and supports this transformation. Through executive coaching, we aim to ensure that our clients not only evolve as leaders but also foster a culture that aligns with their growth and the overarching goals of the organization.

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Offsites and Workshops

We custom-design offsites and workshops anchored in our Innerstand™ Leadership framework, aligning with our clients' organizational mission, vision, and values, as well as their aspirations for elevating their company to the next tier of success. Our approach engages leaders on a profound level through activating a potent environment that naturally encourages active learnings. We introduce various trans-disciplinary modalities of technologies, healing arts, great nature, co-creative expression and whole system development to achieve optimal synergy of teams through the lens of ancient wisdom intersecting with modern, scientifically-proven practices. This method ensures that leaders not only acquire knowledge but also internalize it, fostering a lasting transformation in their approach to leadership.

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Ongoing Support

We are in the process of cultivating a vibrant Guishi leader community, a dedicated space where leaders can converge to exchange insights from their personal and professional growth journeys. This community benefits from exclusive access to a variety of perks, including complimentary workshops held periodically, as well as priority access to any new programs that Guishi introduces. This initiative is designed to foster a supportive network, encouraging continuous learning and collaboration among leaders who are committed to their evolution and the positive impact they can make within their spheres of influence.

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