Discover Your Inner Teacher

Have you noticed yourself relying on the ego-mind for most of your decisions, leading to limiting results? Guishi offers our 'Journey Within' user manual for leaders like you to unlock your inner teacher and ignite your true brilliance. This enables you to adopt a 'bird's-eye view,' transcending the limitations that hold you back. Schedule a call with us to discover how you can experience the INNERSTAND™ LEADERSHIP TRANSFORMATION.

Learn to Surf the Complexities of Today's Workplaces

At Guishi, we embrace the journey within.

In today's fast-paced world, where workplaces are rife with complexity and uncertainty, the true essence of leadership lies beyond mere tactics and strategies. It resides in the profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

That's why visionary leaders like you are drawn to us. Our leadership programs and coaching experiences are designed to ignite your inner knowingness, guiding you to unlearn limiting beliefs and awaken the leadership power within you. By bridging the chasm between introspection and application, we enable you to harness your innate wisdom, creativity, and consciousness, equipping you with the inner resources to navigate challenges with heart and purpose.

But our approach goes even further – every aspect of our training is tailored to resonate with your unique human experience, ensuring a deeply personal and transformative journey.

Navigating Complexity and Uncertainty

You're stepping into a world where change is the only constant. The rapid pace of technological advancements, along with global economic shifts, demands from you a leadership that is both resilient and adaptable. It's about leading with clarity, even when the path ahead is clouded by ambiguity.

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Fostering Authenticity and Empathy

In the race for productivity and results, the essence of authentic leadership often takes a back seat. Your challenge is to remain genuine and empathetic, ensuring that your connections with team members are rooted in trust and openness. Embracing vulnerability as a strength, you're tasked with building a workplace culture that values transparency and emotional intelligence.

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Balancing Innovation with Sustainability

As a leader, you're at the helm of driving innovation while also anchoring your decisions in sustainability and ethical integrity. This requires a forward-thinking mindset that does not lose sight of environmental, social, and economic impacts. Your leadership should harmonize immediate innovations with the long-term well-being of your community and planet.

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Mastering the Art of Storytelling

In the tapestry of leadership, your ability to weave compelling narratives stands out as a pivotal challenge. Storytelling is not just about communication; it's about connecting on a profound level, inspiring action, and bringing vision to life. Your journey involves honing this craft to articulate your vision, values, and the transformative journey ahead. It's about transforming data and objectives into stories that resonate, motivate, and unite your team towards a shared purpose.

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Embrace Your Inner Wisdom to Lead and Inspire in an Ever-Changing World. Transform your approach to leadership by cultivating deep self-awareness and innovative skills, reshaping your organization and career for the present and future.

1-on-1 Innerstand Leadership

Discover the secrets of effective leadership and take your skills to the next level. Innerstand™ Leadership is designed to elevate your leadership capabilities by developing deep alignment and innerstanding of yourself.

Innerstand Mastermind Immersion

Immerse your team in a bespoke Innerstand™ Mastermind Immersion. Through deep introspection and transformative exercises, we elevate your performance to unprecedented heights by upgrading multiple intelligence centers of individuals and harnessing collective wisdom of the team.

Ultimate Innerstand Experience

Embark on the mastery of self-leadership with the Ultimate Innerstand™ Experience. We guide you on a journey within to harness innate skills such as conscious presence, embodying integrity, and cultivating collaborative influence. This experience offers profound insights and practical strategies for Next-Gen leaders seeking to make a lasting impact in the world.


"I came to the workshop with an open mind and honestly feel that every minute of it has changed the way I view things in both life and work, offering a better perspective. Your calm energy made it incredibly easy for us to be ourselves, and I believe that played a significant part in the workshop's effectiveness. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop as a whole, and it has had a profoundly positive impact on me. Thank you once again for this wonderful experience!"

Nawirah K, Business Client, Singapore

“After the workshop, my mind and soul felt refreshed. I now view my team through a new lens—one filled with hope, faith, and love. I really loved that for us. Your welcoming demeanor made me feel comfortable opening up and participating willingly. You validated our thoughts and emotions, something we often lack in our daily interactions. It seems we needed a reminder that our feelings are valid. Thank you for spending time with us and for the much-needed session. I wish you well!"

Jannah Sharil, Business Client, Singapore

“It was really inspirational the way that you went about guiding and challenging me on happiness and leading with the heart. I can see how your passion carries through and hope to replicate that as I go through my own journey. I cannot thank you enough in how our conversation has reframed my mindset.”

John Franz, Private Client, USA

“Lo and behold, right off the bat, the team demonstrated great participation and engagement. The strong connection, relatability, and trust you fostered made it seamless for us to open up and be vulnerable. The workshop was well-engineered to suit our current predicament. You identified the cracks and meticulously customized the workshop to mend them, guiding us in the right direction.”

Raziah Abdul Hamid, Business Client, Singapore

“Your coaching has been instrumental in shaping my success trajectory. Throughout our sessions, I've gained invaluable insights into effective intention-setting and a deeper understanding of my leadership style and motivations. You skillfully guided me in identifying and shedding limiting beliefs, allowing me to approach challenges with newfound confidence.”

Connie Tsang, Private Client, USA

“I highly recommend Ryion as a career/leadership development coach. He comes with a research-based, value-driven approach that is both practical and intuitive. Ryion beautifully combines the art of leading with the art of being human!”

Marlyn Gámez, Private Client, USA




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